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2nd division - Omaeda Marechiyo and Soifon

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2nd Division Captain- Soifon:


Captain of the 2nd Division

Commander of the Onmitsukido (Mobile Corps)

Corp Commander of the Executive Militia

Zanpakuto: Suzumebachi (Shikai )

Bankai: Jakuho Raikoben

Soifon joined the Onmitsukido like her other siblings. Then she was transferred to Yoruichi's personal guard, the militia's corps-commander - and she became Yoruichi's protegee.

When Yoruichi abandoned her Captains position and head of the Onmitsukido, Soifon saw this as betrayal that she had abandoned her.

Soifon rarely shows any emotion on the battlefield, she doesn't hesitate to do what is needed in order to defeat her opponent.

2nd Division Vice Captain - Omaeda Marechiyo :


Lieutenant of the 2nd Division

Corps Commander of the Patrol Corps

Zanpakuto: Gegetsuburi (Shikai )

Bankai: none

He's a large man; loud, cowardly, snobbish and arrogant. He's always eating fried rice crakers. Soifon can't stand his behaviour and she beats him up quite often.

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