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3rd division - Ichimaru Gin and Kira Izuru

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3rd Division Captain - Ichimaru Gin:


Commander of Aizen's Arrancar Army

Former Captain of the 3rd Division,

Zanpakuto: Shinso (Shikai)

Bankai: Kamishini no Yari

He doesn't seem to show any emotion, he always talking sarcastically. People find it hard to trust him. He betrayed Soul Society and now Aizen too. No one knows his true goal. Gin's nickname is "fox-face".

3rd Division Vice Captain - Kira Izuru:


Lieutenant of the 3rd Division

Zanpakuto: Wabisuke (Shikai )

Bankai: none

He's gloomy and indecisive but very loyal to his friends and comrades. Kira has a great talent for Kido. He often uses healing Kido - he was a member of the 4th Division before.

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