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Lil' Chizler - Vinyl Removal Tool


Lil' Chizler is a scraping tool that is perfect for removing vinyl decals. 

Approximately 2.25"x3"

Other uses for the Lil' Chizler:

* Removes ice on windshields
* Removes tar & Bugs from automobiles
* Removes food from pots & Teflon pans
* Removes paint from metal surfaces
* Removes excess caulk from tiles
* Removes decals from windows
* Removes soap scum on bathroom tiles
* Removes spatter from mirrors
* Removes algea from aquariums & fish tanks
* Removes putty from windows
* Removes ice from ski bindings
* Removes letters from wood & metal signs
* Removes sap from lawn furniture
* Removes baked on grime from ovens
* Removes over-spray from windows and doors
* Removes wax and spots from wood furniture
* Removes scum from fiberglass tubs
* Removes grease and grime from grills
* Removes tarnish from hardware

And Much More....

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